WordPress Installation, Configuration, Modification, and Hosting

Do you need a website that has information about your services, rates, location/hours, customer testimonials, pictures? Would you like it to be easy to use, and easy to update information as needed?

WordPress is a very popular blogging platform that can be used as a Content Management System (CMS). Among other things, it allows you and/or your staff to type/edit/post your own pages and blogs, as well as post pictures and videos.

WordPress CMS takes care of site navigation, making your information findable by search engines, publishing syndication feeds, providing links to Twitter, facebook and other social media, accommodating access from mobile phones, and many more things. You can optionally turn on a comments system for interaction with the public web.

Basic system (one user account so that you can write/edit your own posts and pages) is $120 on your host. Hosted sites (your domain) are available for $175: this includes installation and the first year of hosting. Please see Sample site.

Installation Options

Make your site mobile accessible: $15.

Social media/sharing bar: $15.

Add link to external email subscription list (MailChimp, the magnificent (and free!) TinyLetter, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, etc.) $15.

Add an email subscription list (no monthly charges): $50.

Install a purchased or open-source theme for appearance $15 & up, depending on amount of configuration needed.

Add automatic sitemap.xml (as recommended by Google): $25.

Delivery time from order to working WordPress is two business days.

Technical support and ongoing maintenance as needed, plugins and themes installed/configured is charged at $60/hour.

Additional services such as help with editing/writing your content and establishing your web presence and findability on Google are available.

Appearance and layout of information stored and displayed by WordPress is controlled by themes. Many themes are available at no (or nominal charge). One place to start looking for a theme you may like to use is Simple Themes. If you find a theme that you like, it can be configured at installation at nominal additional cost.

WordPress default themes (no configuration) for desktop; and for mobile phones. Your smartphone can get there by scanning this QRCode:

Scan this QRcode from your smart phone to see the mobile page demo.

WordPress is free and open source software, (PHP 5.0) and stores information in MySQL RDBMS. It can run from Linux, Windows, or OSX servers.