Asset Management System

A unique serial number + barcode is assigned to each asset and user.

Database fields include

  1. who has item / where is item
  2. item description
  3. item tag (book, tool, furniture, computer peripheral, etc.)
  4. item UPC / ISBN
  5. item condition
  6. date/time checked in/out
  7. number of times checked out
  8. where item is stored if not checked out

Accessible via web server by users and groups.

Users can have different permissions:

  1. Permission to check out / check in
  2. Permission to add / update / delete items.

System can send email: prompts can be sent to a person holding an asset if someone else needs it, the parties can be hidden from each other or fully disclosed. System emails persons who have requested an item alert when that item has been checked in.

Implemented in PHP using MySQL database.

RSS and Atom feeds for new items and / or recent checkins.

Todo: It would not be hard to add more fields or functionality. The next things to add are a clicker so that ISBN can fetch Amazon description and book cover picture