Book Typesetting / Composition

Over 250 books typeset in multiple disciplines and subject matters. Support and extracts in non-English languages and non-roman alphabets. Index compilation and automation. All output suitable for CTP, or on-demand applications. (Printable and imposable PDF).

Mobile Web

Menus, price lists, or other spreadsheet information delivered direct to consumer phones. Customers can tap to dial your phone number. QR codes can be made so your customer can move to your web site from a door sign or any printed material. Statistics of QR clicks can be collected with granularity to help you make marketing decisions. HTML5/CSS3 or XHTML suitable for smart and dumb phones. [more]

E-Book Conversion Services

E-books production services from word-processor file to completed ePub (iTunes, Nook) and Mobi (Kindle) files, and any process in between, including repair and quality control [more]

Web-Based eBook Quality Control System

Customers can upload a file and receive a report listing mismatched quotemarks/parens/brackets, out of sequence/missing numbers, misspelled words, counts of spelling variations, missing endashes, many more [more]

Database Typesetting / Composition

Database to print or web or XML. Catalogs and directories. (InDesign/TeX). Merging and variable input printing [more]

Data Preparation and Conversion

Many input formats or scanned data to InDesign, Xtags (Quark XPress), XML, or TeX. Scan/OCR to searchable PDF or database. Automated quality control for determining accuracy of text.

WordPress and Drupal Installation, Configuration, Maintenance

Site creation and/or porting to CMS, theming, backup, site automation for backup, etc. Intranet configuration. Services can be comprehensive or set up for client maintenance. [more]

Dynamic PDF Creation

Web-based document and dynamic PDF form creation and modification. User input can be collected and a downloadable PDF is generated instantly. Registration forms, customization of policies/contracts, event tickets, customized greeting cards, bulk mail addressing [more]

Dynamic Document Creation

Web- or desktop-based system for compiling documents from various sources (contracts, insurance documents, legal documents and instruments). Output can be used in word processors or exported to editable or static PDF.

Bar Code Production and Integration

All common symbologies. Checksum / check digit calculation and integration to current system. TIFF/EPS output. ISBN (EAN-13) for book publishers.

Database Web Programming

PHP and Perl/CGI. Databases RDBMS/SQL (MySQL, SQLite) and DBM. File conversion, content management, job ticketing, file checkin/checkout/revision control/searching. Dynamic PDF creation and reporting.

PDF Manipulation

Stamping / watermarking. Bates numbering. Static to active forms for web collection and import to a database.

Asset Manager

For barcoded physical items. Who has an item? Where is it stored? Descriptions of items can be entered manually, from database. User tags and notes are supported. Some information can be retrieved from the web automatically, e.g., ISBN numbers can be used to fetch cover image, jacket blurbs, reviews, etc. Built for a library and equipment room for a mid-sized company. [more]

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